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You’re a bad guy! You’re a guilty guy! And now you’re locked-up!

Worse, you’re a rookie among the prison rank-and-file – easy prey for any prison veteran. But, as a longtime thug, you understand the rules of the game and what you need to do to ensure your survival. Play by the warden’s rules while establishing your reputation and base of absolute power.

  • Enter as Rookie - Emerge as a Boss!
  • Unique ‘prison-theme’ style game setting
  • Build & grow your reputation & money-makin’ skills ‘in-the-can’
  • In-depth gameplay for a casual game, with RPG elements
  • Choose from 4 cool and stylish avatars
  • Recruit, extort, brawl, buy, sell, steal, & more from 30+plus different characters
  • Complete more than 100 topical, edgy, and fun in-game tasks
  • Play 3 topical, fun, and intuitive mini-games


  • Share & steal items with friends
  • Brawl against friends in ‘The Dog Pound’
  • Bet against friends in ‘The Ring’



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